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The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which should power the future Samsung Galaxy S24, will bring its share of changes. We evaluate the first items.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus // Source: Frandroid – ChloĆ© Pertuis / Anthony Wonner

Since the Galaxy S23, Samsung is now integrating a single chip on all smartphones in the S range. It’s the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Barring a sudden change of course, we expect the same to be true for the next generation and that we find the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 instead of the Exynos we’ve been enjoying. in France before.

The often knowledgeable developer Kuba Wojciechowksi has released a series of tweet Revealing a few things about this slide. We have already learned that the San Diego company will integrate new types of cores that we do not know anything about at the moment, but, most interestingly, the new chip will completely abandon 32-bit support.

It shouldn’t change much for you.

The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro have already gone 64-bit only. If this information is correct, then all flagships for 2024 will also switch to 64-bit only.

This change has several advantages. like’to explain Serban Constantinescu Production Manager At Google when the Pixel 7s were released, 64-bit apps generally run faster because they have access to additional registers and instructions. The new CPUs also show 25% better performance when running 64-bit applications.

However, one might wonder what it adds to the removal of 32-bit support, given that most smartphones already use 64-bit versions of applications. This saves 150MB of RAM that was used even when the system was not running 32-bit applications. Concretely, this would make it possible to increase fluidity and reduce the need to kill applications in the background. Security also theoretically gains a larger address space.

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profit for time

Another less pleasant result: some very old apps, such as flappy bird For example, it will not be able to work on these smartphones in 64-bit only. But eventually, once 64-bit takes hold, including in the entry level and mid-range, the advantage for developers will be enormous. They will no longer need to develop two versions of applications, thus speeding up their update process.

In practice, since 2017, the Play Store has forced developers to offer a 64-bit version of their app, but 32-bit is still there. It is used for example on Android Go.

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