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What does insurance pay during ice storm periods?

The devastating ice storm that hit southern Quebec on Wednesday caused so much damage in several areas that it will soon be time to claim insurance claims.

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Insurance broker Louis Cyr offers some advice on what will and won’t be compensated.

damaged car

Mario Beauregard/QMI Agency

“What will be covered at that time is property, so the car was damaged by something, like a branch or tree,” explains Mr Cyr.

Thus, motorists whose car is damaged by branches or an object can be compensated through their insurance and will only have to pay the smallest excess of their contract.

However, Louis Cyr warns that if the third claim is within five years, the extra premium and the damage can be equal, so it will be necessary to do the math.

damaged homes

The broker also guarantees that homes that will be damaged are usually covered by insurance.

“We go back to what was covered, it’s good, it’s home,” he says. “When the tree falls on the house, there is something evil, a being that falls on a covered well.”

Thus, if the house suffers damage due to the tree, the costs incurred to move the tree in question will be reimbursed.

However, if a tree or branch falls to the ground without causing physical damage, that is not a claim, and there is little chance that insurance companies will reimburse you.

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food in the fridge

Unlike the ice storm of 1998, when you didn’t have to pay a deductible to compensate for the contents of a refrigerator lost due to an avalanche, this time you’ll have to review your insurance contract.

“The home deduction applies. So if your deductible is $1,000, would you lose $1,000 in the fridge or freezer? It might be less,” Louis Sayre believes.