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What Brigitte reveals about us

For two weeks now, viewers have been unleashed against a docurality participant If we like each other Value added tax. And she is not very pretty.

Hugo DumasHugo Dumas

Burr Brigitte, the 54-year-old probation officer, suffers from a bad quarter-hour, especially on the show’s official Facebook page, as she is drowning in a barrage of insults. A broker may demand respect towards competitors, except that it does not pass. Even Louise Seguin, the show’s sexologist, posted a call for good in the form of a video, but nothing she does. Brigitte’s counter-wave rises and does not break.

Brigitte Denniult strikes a chord with many of us, you have to believe. This obsession she has to gnaw at Carlos Costa, 47, her long-distance relationship experience companion If we like each other, It annoys many fans who do not hesitate to express it loud and clear.

Image from the gallery’s Facebook page

Burr Brigitte, the 54-year-old probation officer, suffers from a bad quarter-hour, especially on the show’s official Facebook page, as she is drowning in a barrage of insults.

Brigitte criticizes everything Carlos does. Wearing her headscarf back, using the words “Mademoiselle” and “Beauty”, and her choice of red wine, Brigitte complains about everything, even the most innocuous thing. In search of reassurance, Brigitte Carlos and her “little man’s brain” bombard her with questions about her. Do you find me feminine? How do you like my nails? are you at home? am I Attractive ?

Honestly, it is true that the expressive Brigitte, a young South Shore grandmother, does not look good in the eight episodes that have aired so far. To my knowledge, Brigitte lives very poorly with this bad reputation with negative connotations and is sorry for her participation in If we like each other. She refuses to read comments that are extremely destructive, and does not identify herself in episodes, portraying her as a psychological character. She is impatiently waiting for the series to end, in June, to regain her identity.

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I reached out to Brigitte this weekend, and she was unable to give me an interview due to the confidentiality clause in her contract.

One thing is for sure, Brigitte will soon break up with Carlos and continue her journey with a man named Sylvain. As for Carlos, the SAQ employee and travel consultant, he will stay in the series alongside newcomer, Catherine Desmaris, who is a mother of three, also from 450.

Showbiz gossip, here. Since the end of the shooting on If we like each other 2 In the fall, Carlos befriends Anyck Wilford who, from Season 1, has traveled to Mexico with Fanny the Teenage Witch. Like prof The occupation is doubleAll these singles know each other. Besides, before getting started If we like, Only consulted Brigitte Jennifer on the 2020 edition.

If Brigitte causes a lot of the skin reaction, it might be because we are a little too aware of ourselves in his behavior, right? Who did not suffer from insecurity in the relationship, and who did not seek verification at any cost? Brigitte holds a mirror to us and what we see in it annoys us, it’s clear.

On her Wednesday evening treatment, Louise Seguin put her finger on Brigitte’s sore spot: part of it is infected and will eventually need to be recognized. Then a click occurred in it.

Of course, Brigitte gives “good stuff” from a TV standpoint, which I talk about a lot (a lot) with friends who are addicted to If we like each other. But from there to brutally demolishing it on Facebook, there is a step that should not be taken.

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Lunou joins William

Very happy that the audience chose for star Academy, Who led Lunou Zucchini to the TVA tele-hook final, where she joins fellow William Cloutier.

Talented, funny, charming and lovable, Lunou, 25, has it all. His moving re-reading of the song Left hand Danielle Messia, letting him sneak past Rosalie Ayot (and her white shoes), 20, and Quenny Clement, 29. This classic song from the French song, Luno’s mother, Los Duvolt, often interprets it.

Photo provided by production

Luno Zucchini joins William Klotter in a final star Academy.

The last duel promises to be a close-up between Lunou and William, the two fans’ favorites since takeoff Star AC February 14. My choice: Lunou, from Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, because it was more consistent between the two.

Back to the semi-finals, Rosalie Ayot, who finally picks up the squad My rains, And Kenny Clement, who remakes it I changeWritten by Jennifer Hudson, You don’t have to be blush in her performance. They were solid, but Lunou had few extras that propelled her to the Final.

Lusty Margo kicked off this semifinal with a variety of eight of his greatest hits, including provocative And the in another place. She may no longer have her old voice, but Margo hasn’t lost the enthusiasm in his shoes in any way. What a gorgeous lady in our entertainment world, gracious, crazy, authentic. Code. Dynamite is a musician.

Forget about: a rock version of the lead song Now and everywhere And a distorted sound. Oh, our ears, Punyin!

A very good number with pianist Alexandra Strelisky and a tribute to Hollywood cinema. I was expecting disaster for the sing-in tour Zoom in With Francis Cabrill. but not. All went well, except for the hologram effect, which did not work much.

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However, this party was less glorious than last week. What is still standing on Sunday night? Solidarity and friendship that unites academics. Even for the most pessimistic people, it’s nice to see them encouraging and supporting one another. Fans noted: star Academy He will return to TVA in January 2022. Can we sign Lara Fabian’s contract as director right away, please? She is the biggest winner of this edition.