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What are the Best of the New Kitchen Gadgets?

If you want to get the most out of your kitchen time, you don’t need to slave over a hot stove. There’s a wide range of new kitchen gadgets on the market that will help you make tastier food with a wider range of ingredients faster than ever.

Some gadgets combine different actions for faster prep while others  make basic food prep tasks easier than a Miami Club Casino win.

Some of the best new kitchen gadgets and tools include:

Hamilton Beach Electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Put a piece of cheese in between two slices of bread, stick it in the sandwich maker and, poof, you have a melted cheese sandwich in minutes. In terms of a convenient gadget for a family on the go, you can’t beat the Hamilton Beach Electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker that makes it quick and easy to put together a whole, healthy meal.

You can make your simple cheese sandwich or customize by slipping whatever you want in between the two slices of bread. The upper compartment will cook your eggs for you so you can have eggs with your sandwich that are ready as soon as your sandwich slides out of the bottom compartment.

The coating is non-stick so your melted cheese picks right off, leaving no messes to clean up when you’re done. The parts are all removable and dishwasher safe.

Mini Handheld Tabletop Crumb Sweeper

Are you sick of the endless crumb clean-up on your countertop? Wet paper towel, wipe, throw away, get more paper towel, wet, wipe…….it goes on and on. The Mini HandHeld Tabletop Crumb sweeper operates just like a vacuum to remove crumbs from your table and countertop in one easy sweeping motion.

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The modern, elegant design will complement your kitchen. You can use the crumb sweeper outside the kitchen too – on your laptop, on the surface of home appliances, on your furniture, computer keyboard, car seats and more. It’s small and easy so it’s convenient to use in any situation and removes even the tiniest dust particles.

Silicone Fish Yolk Separator

Some kitchen gadgets are so simple and low-tech that you can’t help but be flabbergasted that someone didn’t think of them sooner. If you use separated eggs frequently for your baking and are frustrated by how easy it is for the yolk of the egg to break and get into the whites (which makes them impossible to whip), you should “invest” in this inexpensive little device that keeps every part of the egg in its own space.

Break an egg into the silicone fish and turn it upside down. The yolk slips out easily, leaving the white of the egg inside the silicone fish for you to put into your bowl of whites.

A few dollars well spent.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Waffle batter is basically the same as pancake batter but for some reason, waffles taste better. Maybe it’s the shape, or the texture, or just the aesthetics of the waffle design. But many people, especially kids, will choose waffles over pancakes any time.

In addition, waffles can be a healthy meal option. Make them with whole flour, eggs, yogurt and only a little bit of sugar, top it with jam, syrup or honey and you have a healthy meal plan that you can serve immediately with no need for side dishes. Best of all, no additional fat is required to cook it – you just pour the batter into the waffle maker, close it for 3 minutes and let the waffle cook. The non-stick coating allows the waffle to be removed in one easy piece, leaving no mess for clean-up.

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You can choose your own waffle design and make hearts, stars and other designer-waffles.

Tupperware Mini Chopper

There’s nothing as annoying as the need to chop a bit of garlic or some herbs and try to decide between the old-fashioned knife chop and dice or hauling out the bulky food processor. Now, with the Tupperware Mini Chopper, you can put the small amount of items that need to be chopped in the air-tight mini-chopper, give the blade a whirl or two and you can then store your chopped items in the airtight cover.

Instant Vortex 6-quart Air Fryer

Remember when you had to swear off fried foods because of the health issues? Now you can eat as much fried foods as you want with no worries about blood pressure, waistlines, detrimental effects on the heart or any of the other problems associated with oil-fried foods. With the Instant Vortex 6-quart Air Flyer you can air fry, broil, roast and reheat as the air flow creates crispy tender results with a golden finish. The programs can be customized so whether you’re making wings, potatoes, roasted veggies or french fries, you’ll get exactly the cooking time and temperature that you need.

Clean up is easy and the air fry basket and tray are non-stick and dishwasher safe. There are built in safety features as well to ensure a safe cooking experience.