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What are the best beaches in Australia?

A true paradise on earth, and welcoming many tourists every year, Australia benefits from more than 30,000 kilometers of coastline. There are 10,685 beaches in this vast territory. Some are wilder than others. Calm waters sometimes invite you to laze around, while large rollers in other geographies delight surfers.

The most beautiful beachesAustralia :

Surfers near Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Beach is a beach located less than 10 kilometers from Sydney city. Its geographical location facing the Pacific makes it one of the most famous and popular Australian beaches. Without being wild, it is a favorite venue for many sporting or artistic events. Also, many tourists flock there at all times of the year to stroll under the palm trees of Campbell Parade, enjoy cocktails in its bars or indulge in a surfing session. For many, Bondi Beach is the Australian equivalent of America’s Venice Beach!

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Whitehaven is known for its beautiful sand

Whitehaven is one of the most popular and photogenic beaches on the planet. Located on the east coast of Australia, in the Whitsunday Islands, it stretches over 7 kilometers and is only accessible by sea or air. This makes it a relatively sheltered place from mass tourism. Lined with white sand, Whitehaven is home to turquoise waters whose clarity is breathtaking!

The main beach, the famous dunes of Byron Bay

Main Beach is a beach that borders the shopping street of Byron Bay and is considered one of Australia’s hippest towns. Bordered by green spaces and numerous hills, it offers a 360° view including the old lighthouse. On site, there are several surf schools. The atmosphere is particularly relaxed. Main Beach is where families, sports enthusiasts and young people meet after their day at school or work. What’s more, Main Beach is fortunate to be lined with many trendy cafes and many designer boutiques.

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75 miles of coastline on Fraser Island, an exceptional stretch of coastline

Fraser Island holds the distinction of being the largest sand island in the world. As evidence, 75 Mile Beach is approximately 120 kilometers long! On the other hand, to explore it, an all-terrain vehicle is necessary. Another peculiarity: swimming is not recommended. In fact, the currents are very strong there! Finally, know that this is a favorite place to meet famous people Australian dingoes.

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Monkey Mia and Shell Beach, to admire the marine mammals

Finally, although this list is not exhaustive, we will conclude the overview of Australian beaches with Monkey Mia and Shell Beach. First, the rangers bring food to the dolphins every morning. Whales, sea turtles and harmless sharks are also abundant here, which is why the place has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991. The second one, 60 kilometers long, can also practice snorkeling.

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