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What a great sun of January 19: Hus kills again! (Recap for episode 1069 in advance)

What a Big Sun on January 19th – Episode 1069 Recap Spoiler Ahead – What awaits you tomorrow in the next episode of your daily series This great sun. ? If you are interested in learning more, now is the time. We invite you now to discover what will happen in the episode of Thursday, January 19, 2023.


Spoiler alert, don’t read if you don’t want to know.

Christophe hangs Cecil’s necklace. He apologizes again for the past few weeks and what he did to her. Cecile wants them to move on.

FTV capture


Eve and Dimitri are thrilled to have closed their first case. Sandra calls him Dimitri the know-it-all and the bad guy! Sandra sends him packing, and Dimitri is sorry and tells him you weren’t supposed to learn that. Dmitri is in shock and having a hard time taking it… Eve tries to comfort him.


Jill, Jonah, Claudine and Margaux organize their evening in an effort to attract new clients. Claudine called Attorney General Bernier, who agreed.

Baker and Manu call Judge Laplace to talk to him about the watch. Manu explains to her that he is proving that Rafael did not steal the watch and therefore has no motive. But he is stubborn and refuses to reopen the investigation… Manu is beside himself. In the office, Kristoff finds Ziggy’s necklace. Charles tells him about the culprit behind bars but Christophe tells him about the doctor’s suspicions.

Margo calls Cecil, who is the best. Margaux still finds Christophe a stranger. But if Cecil is happy, that’s the main thing. Meanwhile, Christophe explains to Charles that he has followed Hoss home. Charles doesn’t understand…but he finds it unfair that an innocent woman is in prison.

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Guillaume comes to see Sandra, but she no longer wants to talk to him. Can’t believe he paid someone to spy on her. I told him he needed therapy and he screwed everything up. Clouds in tears, called Eve to come see her. Eve thinks telling him the truth was a bad idea.

Noemi and Akeem meet again. NoĆ©mie tells her that Ludo has agreed to partner with her. He asked about his availability for a year at the zoo. Claudine calls Eve, telling her about the evening the company has put on. But Eve did not want to take it upon herself, for she did not mention her activity to her companion. And she tells him about Dimitri, who is having trouble accepting Sandra’s call.

Claudine savors aperitifs at Les Sauvages with Enzo, who mistakes her by telling her that it was Sabine who told Florent and Jonah about her ex… Christophe, Cecile and Achilles are wedding shopping. Kristoff gets upset when he comes across a dog that looks like Ziggy…

Obsessively watching the dog’s trainer while he is riding. He rushes towards her with his car! The man ends up on the ground on the road…

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