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Western Australia, the land of opportunities and adventures

Western Australia, the land of opportunities and adventures

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Red and dry land, vast deserts and forests, beaches of paradise, wildlife sanctuary … Perth To do Darwin, Exploration of Western Australia is the discovery of protected and wild terrain extending over more than 4000 km of breathtaking terrain. Western Australia awaits nature and adventure travelers looking for a unique experience.

Western Australia: A beach

Australia and its vastness, Australia and its mythical and dream landscapes. An area the size of a continent, the land of road travel. Often overlooked in favor of the East Coast and its mythical beaches, Only Western Australia is eligible for travel.

It is located in the west of the country The most beautiful places in Australia. From Landscapes from the beaten path They stimulated our collective imagination. Swim with the whale sharks on the coral beachGet lost in the unnatural jungle of the Valley of Giants, Browse some of the most popular places in the world, Explore the Kimberly OutbackHere, adventure is everywhere and is enjoyed every day.

“Australian Dream” in Perth, Western Australia

Western Australia: Perth City

Phase I: Perth, Giant, city, modern. It is the 4th most populous city in Australia, but also the most isolated city on the planet. Adelaide, Over 2000km from here! But the time for that is far from over Sydney And Melbourne Looked down at her.

The capital of Western Australia continues to rank The most livable cities in the world. Among the job opportunities, Improve your English And multiply adventures, where we find a vibrant nightlife, year-round sunshine, lush green parks, excellent sandy beaches, shelter for all budgets, and innovative gastronomy. The world, ”was tested byAustralian dream”.

Travel and work thanks to “Paid Escape”

Perth is truly a great city Get a job easily thanks to a work holiday visa. Most domains are recruited there year-round. Opportunity to progress and capture in English New career opportunities In this city where the sweetness of life is the masterpiece. With The “Paid Escape” programWork and travel Western Australia Never been so sexy!

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With This support program, Eligible applicants will receive up to $ 500 in travel expenses assistance. A $ 40 overnight stay is also offered. Up to 6 weeks for working holiday visa holders and up to 12 weeks for Australians. A unique experience in a break year or for the need to escape! In fact, there is no shortage of ideas for adventure and landscape change in Western Australia …

Adventures in the southwest of Western Australia

A road trip from Perth often begins north of Western Australia or south of the region. A few miles from Perth, Rodnest Island It has all the benefits of a small paradise on earth by its very definition. Today is the day One of the best tourist destinations in Western Australia.

Between two dips in its turquoise water, take the famous selfie with Kwoka, the little marsupial on the island. The guacamole is not only Australia’s most beautiful creature, it is also the happiest animal in the world.

Swim with dolphins amid the beautiful islands and reefs of Shoalwater Marine Park, Taste the wine in the Swan ValleyAdmire the Australian Sea Lions on Seal Island and the South Coast (there is also the opportunity to swim with them in Jurian Bay), try Fremond’s Kraft beer and bathe on one of the 19 beaches off the city. . Perth and surrounding areas Have unforgettable surprises.

You can taste some of the best wines in the country and browse the best surf places in the world! The Forest lover Be in paradise here. Western Australian beaches show a complete blues in their waters Charcoal forests Raise their leaves to a height of 90 meters. We are alternating between the lazy Lucky Bay, one of the best beaches in AustraliaAnd happening in green and mossy landscapes.

Drowning Golden Outback, Which also immerses you in the Australian Wild West. Gold deposit, Red rocky terrain, Mining cities or ghost cities … atmospheres worthy of the most beautiful western countries! Do not miss the attractive Ballard Lake, A salty expanse with 55 sculptures by artist Anthony Cromley. Landscape moon and unavoidable experience! Along the way, we meet the Wallabies of course, but this is the biggest popular road train and their legendary triple trailer. The stage was set and the adventure began.

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Coral Ghost, adventure in all colors

Wild beaches with clear water, valleys and red rocks, spectacular national parks: you sure are Coral beach ! From Cervantes to Xmouth, more than 1100 km of breathtakingly beautiful beaches await you. But two UNESCO World Heritage Sites : Majestic shark bay and Ningloo Beach. The latter is one of the longest coastal fringes in the world. There are various rare species that contributeThe exceptional biodiversity of this marine and land area.

Explore Western AustraliaThis is a unique opportunity to discover an exceptional underwater fauna. A few meters from the beach, you can admire the dolphins up close, watch the ballads of the Manda Rays or Swim with whale sharks. Always caring Respect and protect these unique fauna and flora of the world. With a little luck, you will find the largest Tukong Colony in the world!

Going a little further, do not miss the spectacular saffron colored valleys Calbury National Parks And the stunning Pink Lake Hut Lagoon near Carijini or Port Gregory. A real kaleidoscope of landscapes and colors!

Western Australia, North West Page

Australia was swept away by wild and coarse, red dust. It has incomprehensible dimensions and infinite expanses. Northwest‘Western Australia Stands alone as Legendary pilgrimage for all travelers looking for adventure. One million square kilometers of land, billions of years of geological history and ancient and fascinating tribal culture …

The land of these contradictions One of the last true forests on earth. Broom, Its crimson saffron rocks and turquoise waters, Karijini National Park and its ancient valleys, King George Falls or the reverse waterfalls of Horizontal Falls … everywhere, you are in harmony with nature. Adventure lovers will set out to capture the famous Gip River Road Early researchers of Kimberly. To take full advantage of this abundance, fly over those who are interested Bungle Bungle mountain range ! Unforgettable experience!

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Northwest of Western Australia

Culture and traditions of the tribe

Explore whether‘Western Australia, You need to pay attention, listen to your environment, and learn from others. This trip is, above all, a meeting of one of the world’s oldest living cultures. Indigenous people. An exciting story Is at least 40,000 years old. The first humans to occupy Australian soil, the aborigines relied on spirituality connected with land, landscape, fauna and flora. Off To Cape Leveque Area Fitzroy River, Every adventure becomes a true symbol of nature and tradition.

From north to south, the‘Western Australia Expresses an uncontrollable imagination to blur our bearings. This is exactly what makes it a wonderful playground for enhancing life experiences. The land of myths, this region at the end of the world welcomes The dreams of any independent traveler. If you dreamAdventure, vast open spaces that are not always visited by touristsThen this part of Australia is for you!

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