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Ngapeth sans filtre après la (lourde) défaite des Bleus face aux USA.

“We’re screwed”

During the Tokyo Olympics, the French volleyball player did not hit around Bush after the Blues’ clear defeat on Saturday night (0-3) against the United States.

Special Ambassador to Tokyo

Erwin, you insisted a lot that Rio’s bad start should not be repeated, and finally …
Erwin Nagabeth: (He cuts) We did just that. What can we tell you… We lived in the same situation little by little by taking water from the start of the match, after which we did not manage to change course or run the game. Tighten up, it prevents us from growing our game. We could never put a little doubt in the minds of Americans. We did not serve well, so their passerby was able to do what he wanted. We got tough on a standard-tube game. We knew this first game would be tough, but we wanted Hope to have a good game. It failed, but the competition will be long …

What can you take from such a joint service?
It should not be forgotten. We know this whole match will be complicated. Facing the Americans, we learned a lesson, and retaining it is one thing. Usually, our strength lies in our ability to make our enemy suspicious. But here, I repeat, we are not serving well, in addition when Americans are in this position in the reception area it becomes very difficult at the prevention-security level. Then everything will collapse. We must manage to make our next enemies, especially Tunisia, suspicious on Monday …

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On the other hand, you should not doubt, in particular, that, as you said, the competition will be long and the qualification is not yet compromised …
Yes, we will focus and get ready for the next game. That’s all we can do anyway.

Interview at the press conference