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Welsh beat Australia in the last second

Welsh beat Australia in the last second

The test in Cardiff has long been feared to be like the last round at the end of the tour, with Australians in a hurry to return home after a month and a half of turmoil. On the contrary, the enthusiastic Wallabies displayed an unforgettable game, a fantastic start and were able to finish their journey in style at the end of the game.

But a red card certainly determined the outcome of the match, with the Australians sailing for more than an hour against the opposite current to dream of an unexpected victory. One final goal, three minutes after regulation time, was signed by Welsh opener Rhys Priestland, who decided otherwise.

This rewarded their tonic and determined offensive start (7-0) after the final exit of Valetini (7-0) when they were in the lead (7-0) after Kellogg’s (3rd) opening try, while the Wallabies were reduced to thirteen. Ten minutes later (yellow card against Peel, 23rd, a volunteer forward) immediately monetized an attempt on the closed side, the operation was carried out correctly by “9-2” which saw Elias score in the corner (23, 13-10) thus taking advantage of the Welsh score. Got it, not going to miss it.

After Picker (7th, 16th, 38th) scored three goals, Mr. Wales, who played Adamson’s whistle, took advantage of what the Australians had saved and scored the only goal (48th, 23-13), which was his teacher’s controversial attempt. Tompkins Center, went ahead with the interception. This “cap” attempt did not bother the Australians as they were brave, dangerous (52nd, 54th), Whiter (61st), then Dougunu (71st) returned to 26-25 and then took the lead two minutes later. In the end (26-28) Pele with a goal.

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But the referee’s decision was said to be unfortunate for them, with the penalty goal (80th + 3) the brave Walapi finally battling brilliantly 29-28 and bowing.