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We'll have to accuse Trump |  Quebec Magazine

We’ll have to accuse Trump | Quebec Magazine

Many of us wondered about the relevance of the topic Tuesday’s surprise hearings. Will we hear from a new witness? Instead, we were introduced to the young assistant to the Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Familiar face but new revelations.

crowd effect

Tuesday’s hearings will likely include three broad categories of fallout. Initially, they could serve party politics in the midterm elections. Democrats still hope to add this surreal portrayal of a seditious president to the abortion issue.

Second, regardless of political affiliation, the commission’s work sheds a better light on the developments of this sad day. There is no denying testimonies, written documents, audio or visual evidence. You can collect them to serve your cause, but the facts are there. As a historian, I can’t help but rejoice that we can preserve all of this for posterity.

Third, Tuesday’s hearings served to establish the facts for a possible indictment by the United States Attorney General. We’re not there yet, but the schedule is ready and Liz Cheney has already announced that the following will bring new ones.

Surreal testimony

What did Cassidy Hutchinson reveal to fuel the president’s reversal of American justice? Forget some parts of his testimony based on information he would have been entrusted with. If the surreal tale of a president attacking a secret agent in the presidential car makes you speechless, Cassidy wasn’t in the car.

On the other hand, several aspects of his testimony emerged from first-hand encounters with important witnesses. Although Trump did not attack his chauffeur, he wanted to join his supporters in storming the Capitol. This is called sedition.

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After five public hearings, the picture begins to take shape. We find ourselves with the chief and his advisors who were informed of what was going on, and did nothing, quite the contrary, to avoid harm.

This same president has systematically refused to ask his supporters to temper their enthusiasm. All this along with a plan to invalidate legitimate election results in a symbolic ceremony. The vice president, who suddenly realizes his boss’s drift, refuses to play his part? His comment is after all a good choice…

For Merrick Garland to dare to accuse a chief for the first time in this context, it will be necessary to sanctify more testimony about his connections, as well as that of his entourage, with the attackers. Trump’s actions and decisions are so dangerous that many of his entourage have called for a preemptive pardon.

If the upcoming sessions keep their promises, Garland will seriously fail in his duty and responsibilities if he does not intervene. If such a reckless and egregious attack on the electoral process and institutions go unpunished, little will be left of American democracy.