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Wearing a mask back..a good idea?

Wearing a mask back..a good idea?

Quebec ended the wearing of masks in all places several months ago, but the return of this method of protection may be a solution when the virus is highly present in the population, according to a specialist.

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Indicating that he will not return is not a good strategy in my opinion. We’ve been wearing them throughout the pandemic and it’s normal for people to feel tired, but still, in certain places and during certain times of the year, wearing a mask, even imposing it, is highly recommended. Benoit Barbeau, professor in UQAM’s Department of Science Biology, explains.

It is also believed that in malls or larger stores, a mask may not be necessary, but in smaller places where contact is frequent, it can save lives.

“In some places like public transportation, it has to be a place where we can tighten the screw as the fall approaches,” says Mr. Barbeau.

COVID cases in Europe and the United States have often been pre-existing since the beginning of the pandemic.

The marked decline in Europe can soon be seen here according to this specialist.

“In Europe, we are already at the bottom of the wave and the predictions here are pointing in that direction. This is already very good news for the staff in the hospital environment. We must continue this downward trend in the coming weeks,” confirms the professor.

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Watch the full interview in the video above.