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Wealthy bankers leaving the UK

The number of bankers in the European Union who made more than a million euros in 2019 remained stable, but the UK saw some of its richest people joining the continent through Brexit, the commission said on Wednesday. European Bank (ABE).

In 2019, a total of 4,963 EU bankers were paid more than one million euros. In 2018, they were 4,938. The United Kingdom continues to amass a majority of them The United Kingdom actually left the EU.

100 rich bankers lost through Brexit

However, compared to 2018, the number of wealthy bankers in the country has dropped by 95 to 2.63%. This growth can be explained by the relocation of employees (…) as part of the preparations for Brexit, the Banking Authority notes, the fall in the pound sterling did not have a significant impact. In contrast, the number of bankers earning more than a million euros in 2019, i.e. before the outbreak of the Covit-19 epidemic, increased by 17% (with 241) in France, 15% (270) and 9. % (492) in Germany.

Until then 160 bonus Thanks for the openness Comparison of online banks

Apart from Brexit, these increases can be explained by good financial results and restructuring. More than two-thirds of this high income was earned between one and two million euros a year. However, a UK earns between 64 and 65 million euros, the highest level since the figures began in 2014.

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