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We will return the money to your wallet.

We will return the money to your wallet.

The Quebec prime minister said at a press meeting on Tuesday that he had heard Quebecers’ concerns about inflation and that he intended to help them.

And so François Legault promised to provide assistance in the province’s budget that will be put forward on March 22nd.

“We will help you, and we will return the money to your wallet to cover this inflation,” he asserted.

“We will take the best way so that the middle class does not suffer, among other things, from this inflation,” added François Legault.

The Quebec prime minister also noted that there will be no “4 or 5% increase in hydropower rates in Quebec on April 1, 2023”.

François Legault explains that the law adopted by his government, which mandates increased electricity rates for inflation, was intended to avoid seeing such high increases.

In the past, it often happened that electricity rates rose at a rate higher than inflation. We wanted to limit the increase in electricity rates to inflation. On the other hand, we did not expect inflation to reach 4 or 5%. “We will correct the situation,” he said.

Mr Legault also made a point to recall that regional elections will take place before the increase is implemented on 1 April 2023, “so all political parties will submit proposals”.

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