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"We want to play everywhere in Algeria"

“We want to play everywhere in Algeria”

In his exclusive interview with the Football Association, Djamel Belmadi mentioned the fact that the national team will definitely leave the Mustapha Tchaker Stadium in Blida.

March 29th would have been synonymous with the final celebration at the Stade Mustapha Tchaker, as the much-criticized Blida region has nonetheless been the scene of many Algerian successes. While it was officially announced that the Greens would play their 2023 CAN qualifiers at the new Oran stadium, Djamel Belmadi wanted to explain this decision while praising his now former stadium:We had so much fun at Chaker, the historical matches, the World Cup qualifiers, we will never forget this stadium, if only because it bears the name Shahid. My wish has always been that we perform everywhere, in the west, in the east, in the south if we have the infrastructure there, in Tizi Ouzou where I hope the stadium will be completed soon, and perform everywhere, that is our goal. Oran Stadium is ready, and the Mediterranean Games will be held there. It has been planned for a long time that we will go there, by the time the other stadiums are ready.»

It should also be noted that Djamel Belmadi does not close the door to a return to Algeria in the very short term: “I wouldn’t rule out playing at Stade du 5 Juillet and I’ve also been told that the Stade de Baraki is making good progress.“The Doira stadium was not mentioned by the coach.