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We tested the new giant burger at Harvey's and it's really gigantic

We tested the new giant burger at Harvey’s and it’s really gigantic

For the Bag of Chips team, there are no days more exciting than the appearance of a new item on the menu of a restaurant in Fast food.

Of course, when we found out Harvey We launched a new BIG burger, we already knew we were going to try it. We still managed to get invited to do it by Harvey’s, because tseIdiot in his pocket!

Indeed, the burgers are called BIG HARV. It’s a very promising name. So we hopped in the car and drove to the closest Harvey to us, which happens to be the most oriental in Quebec: the direction of Matane!

Upon arriving at the counter and after announcing loud and clear that we wanted BIG HARV, the owner of the restaurant asked if we wanted a BIG HARV Original or a BIG HARV Angus. After careful consideration, we chose the second option. This wasn’t the only decision we had to make.

We saw burgers drop in the club. Not filled yet, it looked heavy.

What’s always fun about Harvey’s is the toppings counter. No need to be shy about asking for “no pickles.” At BIG HARV, we had to choose what we were going to “grey” with pancakes. We chose: tomatoes, pickles (because we love them), bananas, peppers, and harve sauce.

Hunger was at its peak.

When we got to the table, with french fries and a ginger fountain as a complement, we got into the huge burger.

What is BIG HARV?

Two pieces of 100% Canadian beef, bacon, Swiss and cheddar cheese, plus a mountain of spices, your choice of course. It takes roughly the jawbone of an anaconda. But we succeeded. And it was worth it.

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Sometimes it can be hard to manage a burger that’s too big, but it works in this case. Despite its massive size, the BIG HARV holds up well. The two slices of cheese add a creamy texture that goes well with beef patties. Oh yeah, and it’s all served on a brioche bun.

Phew. It was a lot of burgers, but we were very hungry. BIG HARV really did it profession.

The BIG HARV is here to stay on the menu and is available at Harvey restaurants or at Harvey App. In order not to miss any of their new products, follow the brand FB And the Instagram!