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We need to stop yelling at the far right all the time!

We need to stop yelling at the far right all the time!

The European elections that took place on June 9 confirmed the defeat of parties that can be described as migratory across the European Union.

In France, Emmanuel Macron felt forced to call early legislative elections.

Environmentalists are also witnessing a near-collapse defeat. They embodied Wakism, the Islamic Left, immigration, and economic decline.


On the other hand, the conservative or “nationalist” parties that oppose it and that want to put an end to mass immigration, multiculturalism and woukism, are advancing everywhere, even if they are doing so unevenly depending on the country.

They are divided, to be sure, but they share common concerns in the face of a civilization suffering from its demographic sinking.

We should not forget that some countries, such as the Netherlands, have announced their desire to deviate from European standards and diversity standards in this area.

But I point out that the media system seeks to contain these parties by demonizing them. It links them to the “far right”, in a way like no other to make them the heirs of fascism and Nazism.

This label, repeated everywhere and never questioned, is ridiculous. It only serves to demonize those who oppose the ideology of diversity.

in Totalitarianism without the gulagsI remembered that this label's primary function is to name what the left hates. It's a label used by haters who don't know it. Because yes, there is a hateful left that, ironically, believes it has a monopoly on openness, tolerance, and virtue.

Far right?

It's about putting a dirty label on those who question the official discourse, so that everyone understands that if they approach it, or if they share their observations, they will be demonized as well.

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We will have to learn to narrate what is happening to us differently, freeing ourselves from the ideologically laden vocabulary that prevents us from understanding reality.