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We know what happy people smell like, according to science.

You can identify happy people in different ways: a Luminous complexionStars in the eyes, an infectious smile… But does happiness smell? The answer is yes. American researchers have looked into the matter.

Do emotions have smells?

So happiness will smell on people. Moreover, it has already been proven that emotions such as fear, a stress peakTranslates scent onto the skin. This is called “emotional sweating.” So when a person feels happy, they naturally emit a certain scent. Also, some scents can naturally trigger happy memories for those who smell them.

This is what happy people feel like

Citrus scents, like vanilla scents, are generally refreshing scents. In fact, sometimes these things come to blur childhood memories, of holidays in the sun or time spent cooking with your loved ones. But that’s not all, a certain smell seems to be associated with happy people and we’re talking about the smell of water. According to marine biologist Wallace G. Nichols, in columns Vanity FairThe sight, sound and feeling of water (beach, ocean, lake…) can create neurochemicals and create a state of relaxation and well-being. More specifically, happy people smell the water!

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