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“We Don’t Talk About It Anymore”: Nagui makes a huge mistake with filter from Don’t Forget Lyrics

On set, Thursday, March 2, 2023, Nagui disrespected the choice of a candidate who did not want to discuss her work on the show. Thus, the person who had come to try her luck against the current Maestro looked extremely awkward.

Thursday, March 2, 2023, Nagui was once again at the helm of a new issue of Don’t forget the words. As with all of his shows, he loves to get to know the nominees. Thus, even if it was indicated in his files that he should not mention the profession of the person who came to confront the current Maestro, he could not help but do so. “Danny, did you come to sing or because the maestro has €254,000 and you work in the civil service, finance and tax?The presenter fired before insisting: “Is it to control or not?Surprised, the candidate still humorously replies:I didn’t mean to say that, but yeah“.

A little later in the show, she confirmed that she didn’t really show up Don’t forget the words to talk about his work. “I’m sorry, but at the same time you can confirm that the winnings are net of taxesThen he let himself step in for Melanie Paige’s husband.Yes it is net of taxes… I think“Nagwe didn’t look really unsure of herself,” Dany replied. She immediately snapped back.Why did you add “I think”? You are all panicking Game winners now“, Release”.I won’t say anything. We are not talking about work todayThen he released Danny, who wanted to move on.

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Despite the candidate’s plea to stop talking about her work, Nagui did not give up

Yes, yes, yes, we’ll talk about the tax authorities anyway. I’ve always been told, “Money gains are net of taxes.”He confirmed the host, who allowed himself to reveal the true role of the candidate within the tax departmentI feel like you’re lost“It’s enough to embarrass the candidate a little more,” he added.No, I’m not lost. But really, I don’t know everything about taxesDanny admitted.