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We Are the World: One of Damien Rubetta's "Greatest Challenges"

We Are the World: One of Damien Rubetta’s “Greatest Challenges”

To emphasize 200e Resuming huge popular success since the start of the pandemic, Damien Robitaille has dealt with the chubby: re-record the song We are the world Through the embodiment of twenty-one commentators of this hymn to Africa issued in 1985.

“It’s one of the biggest challenges that I face,” Damien Robetail said Monday, the day after the clip was posted online.

Almost all the stars of the time who took part in the project are there: from Lionel Richie to Michael Jackson, including Cindy Looper, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles and Kenny Rogers.

Even if he’s keen to imitate each character’s voice as best as possible, it wasn’t the musical part that gave Damien Robitaille the most trouble.

It took me a lot of time to put together and plan the costumes. It usually takes me a day to record a song We are the worldSays the one who shaved up his mustache along the way in order to better represent some of the song’s stars.


why did you choose We are the world ? “Because something special had to be done in the year 200,” replies simply the person who wanted a unified title in imitation Bohemian Rhapsody And the Hey Judd, Which he did.

“Additionally, out of the 21 singers, at least half of them have already made a song,” he explains.

During the recording, Damien Rubetta said he had an idea for Andre Philippe Gagnon, who had made himself famous by imitating the singing of the song in Tonight Show By Johnny Carson, a few months after the original version was released, in 1985.

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The covers will follow on stage

Even if theaters reopen quietly, Damien Robitaille has no intention of stopping its online coverage. “I like it a lot and the audience is asking about it.

“What I like is that it touches people and I feel useful.”

On the other hand, it no longer promises to deliver one per day. “I want to put less pressure on myself. I will do it when the desire is there.”

He ensures that he will, too, on stage. Failure to do so during his concerts “would be a disaster,” the singer laughs.