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Watch the co-op presentation live

Dying Light 2: Watch the live co-op

Postponed until February 2022, Dying Light 2 begins to show the tip of its nose. The second part of this first-person survival RPG will also offer a co-op experience that will be revealed live on Friday.

[Mis à jour le 14 janvier 2022 à 15h50] Three years after announcing its arrival at E3 2018, Dying Light 2 is starting to take shape. The creation of Techland Studios takes us on an ambitious experience, featuring a single player and co-op campaign of more than 20 hours, and nearly 500 hours of gameplay for the most passionate players. This new part, which was postponed due to the difficulty of development, will be released next February, and it will be an opportunity for many enthusiasts to dive alone or with others into the apocalypse world made of parkour and zombies. Furthermore, speaking of co-op mode, this game mode will be honored in the next and final show Dying 2 Know, a show that brings the game and its content live, on Friday, January 14th.

Watch a live Dying Light 2 Co-op Showcase

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An original concept and innovative features, Dying Light 2 Stay Human appears to be on its way to its predecessor. It’s true that Techland has already proven its capabilities to us on numerous occasions, notably in the realm of survival and horror games (we’ll think of the excellent Dead Island here). So there are good reasons to look forward to Dying Light 2. Unfortunately, Techland has announced that its release has been delayed until February 4, 2022. The game will be released on PC, PS4and PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, allowing fans to immerse themselves in it from the Christmas holidays, alone or with others.

At Gamescom 2021 we saw the latest images of Dying Light 2. On August 24, Techland gave a three minute gameplay demo during the Xbox conference. Where previous trailers have focused on introducing the world of this second opus, this sequence takes a more mechanical approach to the game, detailing the parkour and combat systems, and their influence on one another. In the tradition of its predecessor, Dying Light 2: Stay Human will offer the player the possibility to slide, jump, run, climb and use gadgets for more dynamic movements than ever before. The fights, which were a little dubious in Dying Light’s first name, have been revised and seem more intense than ever. In addition, this trailer also mentions the faction system that will prompt the player(s) to make decisions that will greatly affect the story. And all this in a colorful and detailed city of Villedor that seems to offer plenty of possibilities for both vertical and horizontal exploration.

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On July 1, Techland released a new trailer for Dying Light 2: Stay Human. And this time around, the studio has chosen to show us a more sinister part of their upcoming title. When the first part got a little closer to Dead Island, with its many stages of combat (aided by a pretty brutal kick), Dying Light 2 seems to lean a bit more toward the “horror” aspect involved in the universe. In fact, this game story is about exploring a hospital teeming with injured people during the day. This hospital is considered one of the “dark spots”, which are types of nests in which sufferers sleep during the day. A very painful offside, reinforcing a sense of perpetual danger that we could only find at night or in quarantine areas in the first opus. An opportunity for players to think twice before exploring the “dark zone” during the day, although Techland introduces them to new mechanics that greatly enhance the possibilities of infiltration.

During those five minutes, we were also able to see some types of infected people spreading through the city streets. These fifteen years of apocalypse have afforded our fellow cannibals the opportunity to evolve into a wide range of dangers to the legs. And in many, there is one we already know: the volatile. This person will relentlessly and skillfully pursue you, alert his comrades to your presence, he is also very powerful. We’ve also seen a Huge Wrecker, the Revenant, and some Banshees. As if the tension in this scene wasn’t enough, Techland also chose to show us one of the new mechanics in Dying Light 2. Our character, Aiden, is injured, and it looks like he can start at times. for transformation. To avoid such an unfortunate ending, the player must find the light as quickly as possible. Interesting mechanic, we’ll see if the moments in which it occurs are random or scripted. Another thing to note: the character accompanying Ethan at this hospital is none other than David Bell, the French who literally created parkour. A closely related collaboration and a nice gesture for fans of the system.

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, the player fell 15 years after the apocalypse due to a virus that turned most humans into zombies. We will play as Aiden Caldwell, an alien in search of his past, who finds himself walking the streets full of zombies in the city, one of the last inhabited cities on the planet. There he will meet the Nightrunners, a group of veteran survivors with whom he will have to cooperate in order to survive, but not only. Three factions compete for control of the city, the survivors, the peacekeepers and the forsaken, and the player will have to choose his side in order to progress in the adventure.

Which brings us to a central element of the game: the dynamics of the environment. If Techland is to be believed, the player’s choices can affect the story, but also the world itself. Different factions, zombies and thieves react differently depending on the day or night, allowing for very diverse gameplay stages and intense immersion. Similarly, NPCs (non-player characters) may develop a complex relationship with the hero. Each of them will have their own personality and interact with the player’s choices. As for the parkour, a key element in the success of the first Dying Light, it is the return, which makes it possible to explore the entire vertical of the open world and escape from the hordes of enemies of great diversity. In terms of combat, Techland says Dying Light 2 will offer many possibilities, whether one is skilled in speed, brute force or dexterity. So we expect the skill tree to be a little more complex than it was in the first game.

As we’ve seen, the good news is that Dying Light will be released on all platforms. It is already available for pre-order. In addition, players who pre-order the game on PS4 and Xbox One They will be able to upgrade their versions on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S for free. Three versions can already be pre-ordered, Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate, each with different rewards. The pre-order bonus is an exclusive skins bundle, while the Deluxe and Ultimate editions include access to one and two future story-based DLCs, additional in-game skins and bonuses, respectively.