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Watch: Exciting (another) match by Conor Bedard

Watch: Exciting (another) match by Conor Bedard

Barely back from the World Junior Championships as he stunned the whole country, 16-year-old Conor Bedard on Saturday continued to show his superiority in a match played under the colors of Regina Butts, in the Junior League of the West. In fact, he had a truly magical match.

In the middle of the second period of this contested encounter against Moose Jaw, the fast forward first moved quickly into enemy territory, then took off his roof and scored at the top of the net.

Bedard had not finished his evening work.

Less than two minutes later, he scored a second, this time thanks to an accurate throw between the opposing goalkeeper’s pads.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, the dynamic right-winger did it again in his third-place start.

When he came off the wing, he fired a superb shot from his wrist into the skylight, scoring a hat-trick.

Do you think this is? Well, no! The mark was 6-6 at the end of the 60 regulatory minutes of play, the duel was decided in overtime. And guess who closed the books?

Overall, Conor Bedard completed his match with 4 goals, 13 shots and a +2 record.

On December 28, Conor Bedard became the youngest player in the history of the World Junior Hockey Championship to score four goals in one match. He achieved this feat in Canada’s 11-2 victory over Austria

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