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Wanted public space in Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Wanted public space in Saint-Jean-Baptiste

As part of its “Emergency to Occupation” campaign, the People’s Committee of Saint-Jean-Baptiste (combob) demanded a portion of Rue Saint-Joaquim in Quebec City by occupying two public places for more than eight hours on Saturday.

In the car park of the Delta Hotel as well as on the corner of Saint-Joachim and Saint-Gabriel Streets, the group attempts to reclaim these spaces, which they consider to be misused.

The activities were organized in the colors of the countryside, until I got to creating an ephemeral park in part of the parking lot.

By reclaiming these lands for an area of ​​one day, Compop wishes to demonstrate that it is possible to think of these spaces differently. “What could be most useful in meeting the needs of the neighborhood?” asked commission spokeswoman Marie-Yves Duchesne.

In Faubourg in Saint-Jean-Baptiste, a province of Quebec City, there is currently no community park, and community spaces and places in daycares are scarce. Additionally, the average rental cost is more than $1,018 per month for 4 1/2, Ms. Duchesne said in a press release.

What we want is to use all political levers at all levels to meet our needs as quickly as possible. We no longer want those closed doors of suburbia where lack of space is invoked to justify inaction, when it comes to our lack of ambition!

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