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Walk around with The Newspring: The Simple Plan continues to roll

Walk around with The Newspring: The Simple Plan continues to roll

The Simple Plan members are enjoying their return to the spotlight, stopping by the Bell Center this Friday and the Videotron Center on Saturday to reconnect with their fans as the opening act of their favorite group, The Offspring.

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After 23 years traveling around the planet, the Québécois quartet is looking for balance, performing a mix of their old songs in concert – like “I’m Just a Kid”, “Welcome to My Life” or “I’ll Do Anything”. He released his new songs taken from his latest hit “Harder Than It Looks” last spring. One excerpt, “Wake Me Up (When This Nightmare’s Over)”, was composed and recorded—like the other nine tracks—before the pandemic, contrary to what the title might suggest.

Since the album’s release and the gradual resumption of performances, the members have participated in a few festivals in Quebec and just embarked on the Canadian stage of “Let The Bad Times Roll Tour”, the opening for the Californian group. Offspring, and they also played with them in Europe and Australia.

“It feels good to be back and touring with The Offspring.” On Thursday, drummer Chuck Cuomo said in an interview with QMI at a hotel in Laval: “It was an introduction to punk rock and we toured a lot with them in Europe and even in Australia.

Time is running

Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefevre, Jeff Stenko, and AA haven’t taken a break since 1999, when they started getting people talking about them all over the planet with their pop sound. Pierre and Chuck, the lead composers of Simple Plan, began playing together in the early 1990s, on the group Reset.

“It’s been so fast all these years. We’ve done so many things, traveled and met so many people, and had incredible experiences. We still have the same aspirations, the same goals, the same dreams. We’re lucky, because we’re still going through new things. “Sum 41 at the Accor Arena in Paris-Bercy, where we have not been before. We are still reaching new heights. These exciting things that happen to us or that we are still dreaming about give us the desire to continue.”

The hardest episode of the group

Simple Plan remained united after losing one of its members, David Desrosiers, in the summer of 2020, when he faced allegations of misconduct. More than two years later, Chuck Cuomo does not seek to dismiss the question, even if “it’s still hard to talk about.” The group employed significantly more women and adopted a “proactive approach”.

“It was the hardest episode in the band, it was devastating,” Chuck said. […] It was hard to accept that there was a situation where one or a few “fans” had a bad experience with the group. I’m so proud of what we’ve done to move forward and continue as a group. We’ve put together a lot of guidelines. We saw it as an opportunity to do better, to do something positive with her.”

Arcade Fire in Turmoil

Chuck Cuomo has not commented on the situation surrounding another band that has long made Montreal proud, Arcade Fire. The singer and lead of the group, Wayne Butler, has been the subject of accusations of sexual misconduct since last August. Chuck said the same thing, speaking in general: “I think while we’re in it, it should create a reaction. Just denying it or saying it’s not true is a bit of a challenge. I think people want more action and to see that you acknowledge what happened and you commit. Really doing things differently.”

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The Offspring and Simple Plan tour will also stop in Toronto, Ottawa and cross the country into British Columbia.