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FAF : Walid Sadi veut succéder à Amara Charaf Eddine

Walid Al-Saadi wants to succeed the Sharaf Al-Din building

Former member of the Algerian Football Federation Walid Saadi expressed on Monday his desire to take over the controls of the Algerian Football Federation, according to APS.

We still do not know who could take over the presidency of the Algerian Football Federation, succeeding Amara Charafeddine. There is no shortage of enthusiastic candidates. Among them is Walid Saadi, a man in the shadows, a member of the BF between 2009 and 2014.

In a statement he gave to APS, the former Director of National Teams (DEN) admitted that: He wishes to run for the position of President of the Algerian Football Federation, in the event that the resignation of the current president is approved by the Extraordinary General Assembly accompanied by the members of his office, as stipulated by law. “.

As a reminder, the Sharaf El-Din Building announced, Thursday, its resignation during a press conference, and the instructions were to be delivered yesterday to the Vice President of the Federal Authority, Muhammad Maoush. However, the Chairman of Madar Holding will continue his mission until the next extraordinary general meeting during which he will formally submit his resignation.


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