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Void. Medes is looking for volunteers for a clinical study on microgravity

To prepare for future spaceflights, Medes (Institute of Space Medicine and Physiology) in Toulouse will conduct a clinical study in the spring of microgravity simulation at the request of the French (CNES) and European (ESA) space agencies. Its goal is to “evaluate mechanisms of adaptation to 60 days of simulated microgravity, centrifugal effects, and exercise as methods of organismal prevention.” Fourteen European scientific teams are participating in similar studies. Medes is looking for twelve volunteers for the first phase, which will take place from April to July.

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To apply, you must be between the ages of 20 and 45, in good health, a non-smoker, engaged in regular sporting activity, have a BMI between 20 and 27 kg/m² and have no allergies or dietary restrictions. After the telephone interviews, the volunteers will undergo two medical and psychological examination visits. The study, which was offset, required 88 days of hospitalization including 60 days of recumbency at -6° inclination. more information On-line.

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