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Virtual reality helps patients with mental disorders

There are already at least 16 NHS services in the UK Virtual Reality (VR) software has been adopted to help patients deal with their mental health issues. Patients use this technology to Recreate past experiences that upset them and explore their emotions and feelings using virtual avatars. Patients can create avatars that are like copies of themselves, familiar people or characters, to explore hypothetical scenarios and express emotions Safely. Avatars can be used for Visualization of situations or people that caused trauma or mental health problemsallowing patients Understand and process their emotions better.

VR has already been used successfully Treating certain phobias, such as fear of flying or spiders. By digitally reproducing these situations in a safe environment, virtual reality technology Trick the brain into activating phobia symptoms in a controlled environmentallowing patients to better understand and address their concerns.

Dr David Rigby, co-chair of the Digital Psychiatry Special Interest Group at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said virtual reality technology was seeing An “explosion” in the field of mental health, as it is becoming more and more accessible…

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