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Virgin Fortin Show: Dad, why do I exist?

Virgin Fortin Show: Dad, why do I exist?

At the age of five, Virginie Fortin asked her father Bernard Fortin: Why do we live? Vu que la petite Virginie n’a pas eu de réponse satisfaisante, ses questionnements existentiels ne l’ont pas quittée et, 30 ans plus tard, ils forment la base de son humour singulier, un humour qui touche la cible sans relâche eau Stage show, my senses.

There are very few comedians like Virginie Fortin in show business in Quebec. Comedians, like Pierre Legari and André Sauvy before her, can take a concept like that of spacetime, which is primitive not a breeding ground for gags, and make his monologue more hilarious than cool.

Virginie Fortin’s new show presented for the first time in Quebec, Monday evening, at the Albert Rousseau Hall, the reflections that began in her first work, noise in the universe.

This show in escalation, funny at first and twisting at the end, shows a 30-year-old willing to turn down the label of a committed comedian some seek to hold on to in order to rebel in the following minutes over the chaos of a woman appearing on a TV show without makeup.

“To be visible on TV, it takes an hour, Paul Howe, eight minutes, it’s hard not to take it personally,” she said, sparking laughter with a remark that might be emitted in another context, and could fuel a vigorous debate.

childhood memories

In addition to our time-contradictory relationship (it’s not long, four seconds, except when stabbed, she points out) as she brilliantly relives her childhood memories of a “petty bourgeois,” Virginie Fortin is at her best when dealing with parenting, the part that gives us Some margaritas in a deliciously surreal moment.

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The stresses of everyday life, the commitment to success in life, the characters we have depending on the language we speak and education are all topics through which, subtly, the comedian can let his feminist and environmental interests shine through. It is effective, without being heavy. Or overly committed as you don’t want to.

The play is sober, in the service of gentle-faced humor and avoids the clichés so often presented to us by colleagues who do the same job as you. On top of that, she doesn’t feel the need to elicit laughter with every sentence she utters, even if that kind of happens at the end.

It remains only to hope that you will find another great philosophical question for a possible third show.

  • Virginie Fortin will return to Quebec for an additional performance on September 27, 2022.