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Violent initiatives in junior hockey | Quebec refuses to extend the mandate of the parliamentary committee

(Quebec) Members of Legault’s government who were on the parliamentary committee that looked into allegations of violent drills in hockey and student sports on Wednesday rejected the opposition’s request to extend the mandate to hear other witnesses.

Quebec Solidere (QS) deputy Vincent Marisal, who was at the origin of the initiative order, said Wednesday that he wanted to hear other witnesses. On Thursday morning, during a committee meeting, government representatives opposed the extension of the mandate.

At a parliamentary committee on Wednesday, Quebec Junior Hockey League (LHJMQ) commissioner Gilles Courteau pledged to put in place a “locker room code” by 2023-2024, an additional tool for preserving players’ integrity. He also confirmed that teams in his league were not targeted by allegations of violent initiatives included in the recent ruling.

“It doesn’t excuse us from thinking. We are not above other leagues. There is a culture in our sport that can be detrimental. It’s nicer to be a player in the QMJHL today than it was 20 years ago. My biggest wish is that it will be even nicer in 20 years.” […] For change to be real, said Mr. Corto, speech must be liberated.

For his part, General Manager of Hockey Quebec, Jocelyn Thibault, stressed that there is a need for more education and better awareness of players and teams. He added that his organization had limits on its powers and resources.

On February 3, an Ontario Superior Court judge dismissed a class action suit filed by three plaintiffs on behalf of 15,000 players who had played 50 years on a major league team. or QMJHL. The judge declined to accept the class action lawsuit on a technicality, but did not question the veracity of the testimonies. It describes, among other things, acts involving underage players who report inserting sticks into the anus, mutilating the genitals, and humiliating victims by spraying them with urine or feces.

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Faced with this demand for teamwork against the leagues, the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) asked former player Sheldon Kennedy, former politician Camille Theriault, and former coach Daniel Sauvageau to assess the situation. In a survey by three experts of 259 players who played junior hockey in 2020, 10% of respondents said they had been victims of bullying or harassment, while 26% of players said they witnessed instances of bullying, harassment, bullying, or harassment.