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Violent cells: reach areas as far away as Quebec

Violent cells: reach areas as far away as Quebec

Tuesday, March 29, 2022 5:00 p.m. – A major system registered with humidity and the passage of a strong cold front will lead to severe weather. Hurricanes can hit the United States and Quebec will be affected as well.

Briefly :

  • Atmospheric context is conducive to severe weather;
  • potential hurricanes in the United States;
  • Rain and thunderstorms in Quebec Thursday.

favorable context

The jet stream that favors very active weather will have effects on our neighbors to the south. As high winds form a very visible basin to the southern United States, a large system would feed moisture into the Gulf of Mexico. Moving north, turbulence may cause severe weather. Hurricanes are possible in some states.

Thunderstorms 1 (9)

severe weather

The front line will cause thunderstorms and possibly tornadoes. These states are particularly at risk: Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.

These are the same areas that were hit by severe weather last week. A large temperature discrepancy is at the root of these events, which are set to rage on Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Thunderstorms 3 (7)

Influences in Quebec

The areas to the south should have well-earned rain, which will help clear the last mounds of ice in some places. On the other hand, Central and Eastern Quebec can end up with mixed precipitation, due to temperatures still near the freezing point. A little further north, snow will prevail.

Due to the amount of energy this system releases, the passage of a cold front can cause a surge and generate thunderstorms. The sectors south of the Awais towards Montreal should be monitored Thursday.

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