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Vincent Guillaume Otis recounts his last scene in District 31: "It was terrible"

Vincent Guillaume Otis recounts his last scene in District 31: “It was terrible”

passes through the group The week ends well On Friday, actor Vincent Guillaume Otis told the story of his last scene on set District 31.

It was terrible says first. ” It was very difficult, even a little embarrassed. I think about it and tell myself that I’ve never been very nice to my mates. I didn’t have a crisis, but I broke. I split, and I collapsed. »

Add : ” Neighborhood is a way of life. Everyone was there for the last one, all the actors, all the technicians, all the producers, Luc Dion was there, Fabien Laroche was there. Because we’ve all been waiting for that famous final scene, this last minute. It’s a great adventure though. There, I seem to have seen all these people sitting there and I had a funeral photo. I saw all those people I had met for 6 years and there, I closed my eyes. I told myself I would never be able to. People around us started betting. »

The actors would come up to me and say, “Leave me.” The first assistant shouted, “Leave him alone.” Even Fabian came to see me and said, “He’s great Vincent, but we have to finish there.” “, He says. ” When cut, it collapsed. »

When I say I’m not well, it is because I was not alone in the scene; Michel was there, and Catherine Proulx LeMay was there. Tradition is the applause of the last sighting of people. There, he went: “The Last Scene of Vincent Guillaume Otis” and I considered it a dirty, selfish thing, but that was because I was too [ému]. »

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Right before he filmed this difficult scene, we talked to him and this is what he said.

See photos from the last day of filming in District 31 here.