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Vikings missions and rewards in Coin Master, how do they work?  - Break Flip

Vikings missions and rewards in Coin Master, how do they work? – Break Flip

In Coin Master, there is a Viking event that allows you to win tricks. Here’s how to complete missions and get rewards.

Every week different events take place in coin master And it allows you to get different rewards like discounts or rewards like spins, coins, chests or even gold cards! This is especially the case Viking Quest Event Where you have to accomplish different missions with coins to get many tricks especially the gold card!

If you want to understand how it works Viking event in Coin Master Thus, we will be able to accomplish various tasks, we explain everything in this article!

How do I get free spins during a Coin Master Viking event?

When you go to participate in Viking event in Coin Master, a progress bar with different tasks will be displayed. There is in everything 10 to accomplish To get various rewards which can be towers, coins, pet food, chests and The last search for the golden card !

In this case, you will be presented with two types of tasks:

  • Regular Vikings mission To accomplish these tasks, you will simply need: Get a certain amount of coins In one or more rounds to get the bonus.
  • Viking quest reward : To accomplish these tasks you will need Get the number of coins indicated by getting three “Bonus Wheel” tokens.. Once the three symbols are displayed together on a wheel in different multiples, you will need to get the number of coins they refer to.

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