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View the new maps for the second season in the video

View the new maps for the second season in the video

Microsoft just released a trailer we Presents two new maps for Season 2 of Infinite aura. It allows you to get a good idea of ​​Catalyst and Breaker, especially in terms of its architecture and ambiance. It will be available May 3, for free, and will be added to the existing map library.

The Catalyst map will first be designed as an arena located in an abandoned Forerunner Mine. Close combat allowed, it would be asymmetric, with a bridge connecting the two sides. The second map called Breaker will be a large open area. To allow for large-scale battles, the blocked laser will operate intermittently, putting competitors at constant risk.

A welcome addition to these two new cards Infinite aura. Because though postponement for one year, Microsoft’s blockbuster movie finds itself facing a limitation of its content. Some see it as insufficient to keep players playing over time. On the other hand, when a multiplayer game is good, it is necessarily very short … but fortunately here, it is accompanied by an exceptional campaign mode!

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