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Videotron: Six months of free mobile service for Ukrainians

Videotron: Six months of free mobile service for Ukrainians

Ukrainian newcomers will be able to take advantage of six months of Videotron’s mobile service once they arrive on Canadian soil from May 9.

Refugees will be able to get a free 20GB package all inclusive to allow them to keep in touch with their loved ones in Ukraine.

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1,000 refurbished mobile devices have been donated to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress for distribution to families in the eastern country who need them.

To take advantage of the offer, newcomers will only need to bring their mobile phone and proof of identity, whether it is a passport, Ukrainian ID or temporary residence permit and proof of entry to Canada, such as a work or study permit, travel visa or temporary residence permit, at a Videotron store The eight participating,” the supplier said in a press release on Thursday.

The offer is valid for Ukrainians who have arrived since January 1, 2022 and runs until July 31, 2022.

Access to Ukraine 24 News Channel has also been extended and charges for international calls from Canada to Ukraine waived until July 31.

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