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[VIDÉOS] “Get me out of here!”: From one queen to another!  Find out who was crowned the biggest winner

[VIDÉOS] “Get me out of here!”: From one queen to another! Find out who was crowned the biggest winner

It wasn't Clodine Desrochers who made the most noise or took up the most space Get me out of here! Always a volunteer at camp and spunky during challenges, the experienced host could hope for no better return to the public eye than by becoming Queen of the Jungle, which is what happened on Sunday in the Season 2 finale.

Claudine was caring, empathetic and always willing to make it happen, and she was crowned the biggest winner at the end of a particularly grueling final elimination challenge. She succeeded Andrean A. Mallett, who was victorious last year.

Claudine Desrochers was crowned Queen of the Jungle during the Season 2 finale of “Get Me Out of Here!”, an episode that aired on TVA on Sunday, May 26. The other two finalists of this season, Rosalie Vaillancourt and Dave Morissette, praised the experienced host who therefore represents a good return to the screen after years of continuous absence.

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The organization we played for, À deux pas de la voix, provides school materials and tutoring for young people in the Lanaudière area. She received a $50,000 grant awarded to the Triumphant Bowser cause.

The other two finalists, Dave Morissette and Rosalie Vaillancourt, also entertained and impressed us during their stay in Panama.

Like the other camp participants, Claudine Desrochers did everything she could and came out of this extraordinary experience.

Clodine Desrochers was now crowned head.

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QMI told the fifty-year-old she is a quiet force. She nodded while qualifying.

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“I am a mixture of strength and weakness. I get through things, but I often doubt myself. Doubt is the driving force for me,” said Rosalie Vaillancourt, a person who watched the final with other members of the camp.

The nine campers for Season 2 are Rosalie Vaillancourt, Audrey Roger, Dave Morissette, Claudine Desrochers, Patricia Paquin, Philippe Laprise, Alex Perron, Sophie Durocher and Sébastien Toutan. Gildor Roy also came to camp for one episode.

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Wanting to get back to TV

Claudine Desrochers admits that she dreams of returning to television or even radio. She has 13 years of daily morning work under her belt, which is no small feat.

Get me out of here!It was an opportunity to live an experience out of the ordinary. It was an opportunity to let go of experiencing something destabilizing without knowing what was coming. Overcoming fears, and living in difficult circumstances, I saw it as a gift of life, and an opportunity to work on myself. It was more than just a return to television,” stressed Claudine, particularly known for her shows Claudine seasons And Simply put, Claudine.

Claudine Desrochers overcame her fear of heights by climbing a 30-metre tower at the start of her adventure. This challenge, titled 'Tour à Turns', also put Alex Perron to the test.

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However, emerging projects for her, including one that will be announced on Monday, are at Salty sweet6:30 p.m. on TVA.

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Bathrooms are disturbing

On Sunday, during the final elimination challenge of the season, Claudine and Dave were quickly contested for the title of Queen or King of the Jungle, because Rosalie did not get down to the first two groups, out of a total of three, to retrieve the pictures and then put them in chronological order. We learn, at the end of the episode, that Claudine got one more answer correct than Dave. So it was very tight.

“It was excruciating! After spending 16-17 days in the jungle, we are all mentally and physically exhausted from the sleep deprivation, heat and mosquitoes. I was really exhausted and it had to be over. The ice water pool was very difficult. Your mind was getting hold of you and I couldn’t Seeing anything, the snake pond, they are not happy to be there, so I talked to them like I talk to my dogs, way to calm down and the third pond, the rotting juice, I'm tired of it I've been sprayed a lot during the season!

Give your best

The camp leader battled her fear of heights from the start by climbing a 30-metre tower with Alex Perron, faced her fear of tarantulas and had to eat unappetizing bites with Rosalie.

Claudine also had to eat dishes that were not always appetizing, a necessary step for “Get Me Out of Here!”

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QMI Photo Agency

“I was able to stay calm and focused when I needed to control myself. I realized that I had more mental strength than I thought. The last challenge also showed me that when it's time to give it my all, I do.

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The one that kept the camp clean even considered leaving during the “wave trough,” but since she wouldn’t be eliminated that evening, she decided to move on.

“Basically, there is luck and chance in deciding who stays and who goes. “I made it to the throne, but it could have been all of us,” concluded Claudine, who shares her crown with nine other campers from that other season she co-hosted. Alexandre Barret and Jean-Philippe Dion.

Clodine Desrochers and Alex Perron go on a VIP cruise. They don't know what awaits them.

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Alex Perron and Claudine on Cayman Island at night. To think they started the season on an electric, spectacular VIP cruise.

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All episodes Get me out of here! Available to catch up VAT +.

place for Get me out of here!…but not right away Monday, May 27 at Evasion

The second season of the series “Evasion” will be shown on Monday, May 27 at 8 pm on the Évasion channel. Get me out of here!…but not right away With close friends Philippe Laprise and Dave Morissette.