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[VIDÉO] Yves Jacques almost drowned in his brother's swimming pool

[VIDÉO] Yves Jacques almost drowned in his brother's swimming pool

Yves Jacques could have drowned in his brother's swimming pool in Quebec, nearly two years ago, after a bout with illness.

That's what he told Melanie Maynard on Thursday at The Hour Salty sweet.

“I'm going to reveal something big to you: I almost drowned, I almost died, it's been two years in my brother's pool. I'm leaning like this on the edge of the pool. I'm numb, I'm passing out and I'm sliding to the bottom, I'm in the deepest place. No one notices because I have my godson who is coming to show us his little one. “The whole family has rushed to the little boy and there has been no news from my Uncle Yves,” said the 68-year-old actor, who has appeared in 70 films on both sides of the Atlantic.

He continued in front of an astonished Melanie Maynard: “When I wake up, I am convinced that I am living a nightmare and that I am suffocating in my bed sheets, in Montreal, while I am in Quebec.” It's crazy, brain. And there, pushing the sheets, pushing the sheets, there I have to breathe, I'm not breathing, I'm going to suffocate. Then I said: “It will be a nightmare.” There, I push and return to the surface. That's when they saw me [il imite quelqu’un qui s’étouffe]. “I’m white as a sheet, my eyes are glassy, ​​and they call 911.”

Melanie Maynard with her “wonderful teenage fantasy”, actor Yves Jacques.

Photo courtesy of TVA

Yves Jacques, who has just enjoyed success on stage alongside his friend Mathieu Quesnel in the play My donkey sister In The Unicorn, he saw in this episode an important message that could have cost him his life.

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“In the end, they gave me [stimulateur cardiaque] Because my heart wasn't beating loud enough. Donc, on the other hand, I said: “Okay, Yves, I feel that you have a large sign in your land, it is necessary that you take it to me, in your life, as the rain drops on you.” A life.” But I never allowed myself to have a life because I was completely crazy about this job. And I promised myself: “Okay [d’ici] One year I have to meet someone.” I met someone, but it wasn't the right person. But he wasn't far away, and that gave me hope.

Melanie Maynard began the interview by telling her camera that she never missed an episode of the situation comedy Black pepper and saltWhich starred a young Yves Jacques alongside Gilles LaTulippe and Jeanine Soto, from 1983 to 1987. Yves Jacques listened to her in the background and reacted to what she said. And this was the case when she noted that it was her “big dream as a teenager”!

All episodes Salty sweet can be caught in VAT +. Otherwise, it airs on TVA Monday through Friday at 6:30 p.m.