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video.  United States: Tourists pull a bear cub from a tree to take a selfie

video. United States: Tourists pull a bear cub from a tree to take a selfie

“It's crazy…”: The two witnesses who filmed the scene were stunned. In front of her, people laugh as they tear apart dolls hanging from a tree…just to take a selfie. “All this so I could say: ‘Take a picture of me, and post it on all the networks, and I'm holding a brown bear cub in my arms,'” comments one witness, annoyed. As soon as the picture was taken, one of the cubs ended up falling to the ground, before running away. Rachel Stoudt said , one of the witnesses: “They then chased him to try to get him back, but in the end the maintenance worker intervened and asked them to stop.” Letters of News. The young woman then called the police and provided them with the video, which was broadcast by American media.

Finally, biologist Ashley Hobbs, sent to the site by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, found the poor, frightened little animal in a detention pond. He was “wet and cold” and “lonely for a while.” “He probably had a traumatic experience,” the specialist said. The bear cub has been transferred to a recovery center and will soon be released into the wild. Sometimes bears leave their cubs in a tree while they search for food. “We found the people who pulled the bear from the tree and (…) explained to them how irresponsible and potentially fatal it was to separate this cub from its mother,” the biologist concludes.

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