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Video.  The new stadium in Oran from the sky

Video. The new stadium in Oran from the sky

The The new stadium in Oran It opened Thursday 17th June with a friendly match between the national team “A” and Liberia. Ansar Majid Bougherra won 5-1.

The team is made up of Players Evolution In Algeria, it showed its ability to compete with the African national teams.

good news in Expect the Arab Cup It is scheduled to be held in Qatar at the end of December because it is the first team to represent Algeria. Above all, Team A can be a good tank for Team A, whose component is mainly made up of players who are trained and play abroad.

The Algerian fans happily discovered the beautiful Fatih national team but also the brand new Oran stadium which hosted its first match. So the party was twofold. This 40,000 seat stadium is part of a sports complex that includes other sports facilities.

modern stadiums

This complex, which cost more than 800 million dollars, was built to host the Mediterranean Games in Oran in 2022. These games were scheduled to take place in the capital of western Algeria in 2021, but were postponed due to the Covid-19 epidemic. .

The new stadium in Oran, which contains ultra-modern grass by FIFA standards, fills the massive shortage of speakers capable of hosting national team matches in good conditions.

This stadium is the only one in a series of other stadiums launched at the end of the 2000s to provide Algeria with a modern sports infrastructure capable of hosting major international tournaments such as the African Cup of Nations or the World Cup. There are other similar stadiums under construction in Algiers (2 stadiums) and Tizi Ouzou, but they are experiencing significant delays for various reasons.

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