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[VIDEO TEST] WATCH: System Reboot on XBOX SERIES X – A house-breaking futuristic investigation!

It’s time to rule ConsoleFun!

We wanted to change the record by testing Monitor: System Redux, a horror and investigation game that received a 4K HDR facelift on consoles. FYI, this is the Xbox Series X version we had the chance to test (but this version is also on PS5).

What are the features of the game? What are its drawbacks? Did we enjoy the adventure of this scary game? Our answers are in the video below.

*Note: System Redux is available on AMAZON.FR, see this link

=== A small summary of the experience on the video (but we invite you to listen) ====

* Fort points

  • A concrete scenario!
  • unique atmosphere
  • established artistic direction,
  • The narcotic side we appreciate,
  • cut quality,
  • An investigator worthy of Blade Runner.
  • Graphically speaking, this System Redux version is totally worth it!
  • Good age.
  • Some rooms must be carefully searched!


  • A choppy game with a joystick (opening a door or a refrigerator…sometimes that’s a hassle)!
  • sometimes linear,
  • Sometimes we are crammed into these corridors…

NB : 17/20 + Quality Mark

This game is incredibly immersive and amazing in its construction. This psychedelic futuristic novel… deserves your attention!
This is a recommendation from ConsoleFun.FR!

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