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[VIDEO TEST] Sonic Colors Ultimate on Switch – Good to find in good condition!

It’s time for testing Sonic Colors: Ultimate On Nintendo Switch (also available on PS4, Xbox One/Series and PC)!

We suggest that you first discover the game via our discovery video, and check our opinion through the conclusions table. We recall that Sonic Colors: Ultimate It is a remake of the eponymous game from 2010, originally released for Wii. The graphics have been improved, the gameplay has been reworked, and the title is getting some interesting new features.

In short, here’s our discovery video, followed by our final opinion.

* Sonic Colors: Ultimate is available on AMAZON.FR, see this link

=== Brief summary of the experience on video ====

* Fort points

  • Speed ​​sensations!
  • Technically an ex wii game….it works fine!
  • dubbed in french,
  • Diversity of environments
  • concrete new forces,
  • The spirit of “challenge” spread everywhere,
  • successful soundtrack,
  • Overall effective gameplay compared to the latest 3D titles in the license.
  • very current narrative sequences,
  • Many bonuses aimed at visually personalizing your hero.

* Weak points

  • Certain weight in play (especially in certain stages involving double jumps)
  • short levels,
  • lightweight multiplayer,
  • very simple,
  • Some traits are of limited importance…

Noticeable : 15/20

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