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[VIDEO TEST 4K] Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin on PS5!

It’s time for ConsoleFun’s decision!

Without the wood language, find below the 4K gameplay / test-video, done by our testers in the South, called our “X-Red” For the new game from Square Enix, Strange Origin Paradise Final Fantasy !

We recall that Strange Origin Paradise Final Fantasy It is part of the popular Final Fantasy series. This time it is an action game that takes place in the universe of the first title of the license. Jack and his allies, Ash and Jed, appear who seek to defeat the chaos in his temple.

Therefore, our editorial team brings you a 4K gameplay video, as well as the epilogue schedule and the final score!
What are its characteristics? What are its drawbacks? Check out our review below!

* The game is available on AMAZON.FR, see this link

=== Brief summary of the live experience, shown in the video ====

*strength point :

  • More than interesting lore, which allows you to understand the beginning of the Final Fantasy saga!
  • A nervous, dynamic and sometimes demanding game (depending on the level of difficulty selected) … reminiscent of a certain “Nioh”!
  • job quantity,
  • Principles of development in the advanced stage of functions,
  • The huge number of things that allow you to equip yourself as you wish!
  • Mature!

* Weak points:

  • an artistic direction that at first glance seems “old fashioned”,
  • The camera sometimes does a clear zoom of our character depending on the angle of view,
  • The lack of a mini map would have been useful in some missions.

Notes: 15/20

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