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Video: Objective color, the dream of a lunar nation

Video: Objective color, the dream of a lunar nation

50 years after first step on the moon, Our star still fascinates. From big space agencies to citizen utopias, everyone dreams of a second lunar conquest. But this time the astronauts are not planning to return. They will permanently settle on the moon. A dream or a realistic future? The answer is in this award-winning and life tvDuring the festival to know 2019.

In the shadows of laboratories and in the heart of glaciers, NASA and European Space Agency scientists are aiming for the moon. It is no longer a question of making a move there, but of living there. Everywhere, scientists are innovating. ESA astronauts test moon jumpsuits. In Switzerland, groups of students are building habitats. In England, 3D printers are installing buildings that adapt to the surface of the moon. Go to the moon, eat, breathe, heal, develop… while respecting democratic and ecological values. Is this really possible? Countries are no longer fighting among themselves, but rather cooperating all over the world.

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Objectif Lune: Watch the documentary by Griot Clara and Walton Estelle at the top of the article.

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