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video. “If we don’t move our ass now, we will lose this planet!” “It’s 8:30 p.m. on Sundays,” says Harrison Ford on the set.


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In response to a question about policies to combat global warming and protect biodiversity, the American star pointed to the harmful effects of climate-sceptic rhetoric that contradicts scientific facts.

Indiana Jones and the Planet in Peril ? Harrison Ford, 80, has come to Cannes to present the fifth episode of The Adventurer with a Hat and a Rope, guest on Sunday May 21 of France 2’s “8:30 pm Sunday” program. In the fight against global warming and the protection of biodiversity, she noted The American star points out the harmful effects of climate skepticism rhetoric, denying scientific facts: “Science (…) is based on facts. This is not an opinion. We must respect science (…). Let’s listen to science.”hit the actor.

“The world tells us (…) that we are destroying nature’s ability to serve us”He continued, pointing to air quality in particular, but also the role of insect pollination, which is crucial to biodiversity, including humans. “Our future depends on science and realizing what is happening before our eyes.“, He insisted before one last warning.

“If we don’t move our ass now and we don’t do it now, we are going to lose this planet.” thunder. Screaming before mea-culpa wharf? When the actor and pilot talked about his passion for flying, he said he knows the impact this hobby has on fossil fuel use.