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Video Games and Addiction – Les Versants

How do youth centers in the region manage video game addiction with our teens?

This is the question the paper asks slopes Requested.

In terms of video games, the staff at Maison des jeunes La Butte, in Saint-Basile, recommends in the group approach and co-op games, such as “good old rock band and several Nintendo Switch co-op games”.

“As a behavior, we notice a lot of hyper-coherence among young people,” comments from the beginning General Manager of La Butte, Martin Renault. Domestically, there are regulations in the Code de vie relating specifically to the use of computers and game consoles. Especially with regard to the time of use and the type of games. »

The director of the Maison des jeunes de Saint-Bruno, Caroline Gauthier, says there is no Wi-Fi on site. In addition, video games are supervised there. “No, he didn’t notice [de dépendance aux jeux vidéo]. [Les jeunes n’ont] So it is not allowed here! “, as you say.

Unlike MDJ in Saint-Bruno, wi-fi is accessible at La Butte. This further complicates the situation, according to Martin Renault. “It is difficult for us to regulate the use of personal equipment, such as a smartphone. However, in our curricula we constantly motivate young people by offering them alternatives or by directly intervening to get them to take regular screen breaks and develop other interests,” explains CEO La Butte before resuming work. “For our workers, technology is often used as a work and socialization tool to create bonds with young people.”

Among its various buildings, the MDJ of Saint-Bruno particularly offers a video game room. It opened in the spring of 2013, almost a decade ago. Many video games are available.

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On the La Butte side, there is no dedicated room in which young people can dedicate themselves to electronic games – remember that the La Butte administration has been asking the municipal authorities to expand the building for several years. The requests that remain, however, are in vain. However, local teens have the opportunity to play on different consoles.

Note that last December, a judge authorized a class action against Epic Games, the creator of the Fortnite video game. According to the teamwork of Quebec parents, Fortnite could have been created to promote some kind of addiction.