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Video conference: US Senator votes shirtless in bed

A US senator, who watched a live legislative session on YouTube, set the web on fire by briefly appearing topless and lying in bed when voting on Monday.

The BBC reported Tuesday that during a loud “yes” vote, an image of Minnesota Sen. Calvin Barr appeared on the screen for a few seconds, showing him shirtless as he reclined for the legislative session.

Behind him was a picture from the movie “I’m Just a Bill”, part of the children’s cartoon “Schoolhouse Rock!” , which was broadcast in the 1970s.

However, it didn’t take long for netizens to resume the photos of the meeting, which were broadcast live on YouTube. These have also been viewed millions of times, according to the BBC.

“Was he in the children’s room?” Interrogate a man on Twitter.

While some netizens applauded the entire act, ironically identifying with the senator’s mood, others criticized him for not deigning to get out of bed, according to English-language media.

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