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Video - Australia: Millions of red crabs begin their migration

Video – Australia: Millions of red crabs begin their migration

1813 People Christmas Island, this area north of the west coast of Australia and about 43 million red crabs. Coming from a native species that is scientifically known as Gecarcoidea natalis, the latter are generally sensible, as they spend most of their time near their holes. But when the rainy season starts in October-November, they become somewhat heavier.

It is during this period that they begin their migration from the upper reaches of the island to the shores of the Indian Ocean, where they breed. They cover about 8 kilometers in ten days. Men are waiting for the arrival of scouts and women to set up new holes. Once this is done, they return home, while the females lay about 100,000 eggs each, which ensures the continuity of the species.

The residents of Christmas Island have adapted to this migration so that the species is protected and not disturbed. So they are allowed to cross roads, schools and golf courses. Closing the roads on the way to them makes their journey even easier. Like the 5m high crab bridge, as we can see in the title, we have installed aluminum bridges on the roads, thus preventing them from running.

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