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VIDÉO. Il y a un an jour pour jour, les Bleus réalisaient l'un des exploits de l'année face à l'Australie

Video. A year ago to the day, the Blues achieved one of the year’s feats against Australia

Last Saturday, The XV of France Won his second Test (hence the tour) facing Japanwith 15 out of 20 marks. Although the latter allowed the Blues, a victory that would not go down in history To top the world rankings. On the other hand, another victory for Fabian Caldi’s men will be remembered for a long time: A received one AustraliaA year ago to the day. In fact, this victory has become historic in many respects! First because It was the first time a French team had won in Australia since 1990 (31 years).. But as this victory came in the last moments, And by a team with mostly young, inexperienced players Internationally! Thus, Fabian proved once again the incredible breeding ground present for Calthier and his staff.

XV of France. Who really messed up the hierarchy during this tour?Unhappy during the first test, Melvin JaminetThen the young fullback Did not play in any tournament First 14Played an incredible match in Melbourne. A flawless teacher against the Poles (8/8, 23 points), he was one of the heroes of this meeting, scoring the decisive penalty (26-28). But that’s not all! Dandy’s accusations, i’Test Benatin, The last scrum was recovered… On this July 13 everything was incredible. A crazy success like this tour in Australia, even if it’s not a success, A credit to French rugby.

RUGBY.  After a tough season, Melvin Jaminet will keep USAP in the Top 14RUGBY. After a tough season, Melvin Jaminet will keep USAP in the Top 14