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[VIDÉO] A month's vacation in Europe for Guy Goodwin

[VIDÉO] A month's vacation in Europe for Guy Goodwin

Guy Goodwin will spend his first summer away from the set.

He's been driving hot the last three seasons Beautiful tour, a date that was cut short by TVA. Before that, he took over the leadership Salty sweetamong other things.

Photo courtesy of TVA

It will return this fall to host the 14thH Game season CheaterBut he will have the opportunity to spend a good month in Europe over the next few weeks. Its home port will be Amsterdam, Netherlands, from where it will be able to fly to a range of other destinations.

“I have no idea what I'm going to do,” he told Melanie Maynard on Monday at 12:00. Salty sweet.

“I would ask an Amsterdam resident: Where would you go if you wanted to leave your city?” He would say to me: “Belgium, go to Brussels!” In Brussels: “If you can get out of the city”: “I'll go to Rotherdam,” said Guy, who also lost his bid. Star magicin TVA, shows that television has been shaken by the flight of advertising revenues to US web giants.

Melanie Maynard welcomed her friend Guy Goodwin to her show Monday night.

Photo courtesy of TVA

Melanie, who knows Jay well having worked with him on the film and TV series In a galaxy near youHe recalled that he was “very planned and organized” in his work, spending his summers in the old countries.

“I'm not listening to you!”

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Jay Goodwin knows that you can't be liked by everyone in our polarized world. He told Melanie about an incident at the cleaners.

“The lady said to me: ‘I don’t listen to you, you scream all the time Cheater“.” Guy Goodwin does not allow himself to be discouraged by such a comment, and even wants to be philosophical: “In the end, you have the remote control, and you can change situations. We don't feel bad, we don't feel bad. People freeze! It's true that I'm jumping all over the place, and that I'm Yelling at me Cheater“I'm having fun, but in life I'm not the same.”

Photo courtesy of TVA

The experienced host and actor says he has built his personal and professional life on respect.

“I also like to have a good time with people, and I like to make up stories. Even on the trip I will take, I will do business with people who do not have common sense,” he added, adding that “happiness is in human relationships.”