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Veterinarian stirs controversy by revealing the five 'worst' dog breeds

Veterinarian stirs controversy by revealing the five ‘worst’ dog breeds

A veterinarian active on TikTok has caused major controversy by speaking out about the five dog breeds you’ll never own.

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Whitney Terrell, who has over 75,000 followers on the social network, explained the personal reasons why she is not a fan of these dogs. However, she notes that her choices are based on her own experiences.

At the top of their list are “Doodles”. According to the vet, this mix of poodles and another dog (often a Labrador or golden retriever) requires a lot of care and maintenance, and is prone to developing ear infections.

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“Some are cute, but many are very hyperactive and unable to calm down. We have also seen very aggressive personalities,” the Alabama woman said.

In second place are German Shepherds. The doctor says that they are excellent police dogs, but for pets, they require a lot of training.

“If you want one of these dogs, don’t take this decision lightly because it requires a tremendous amount of attention and training.”

The other three spots on his list are occupied by small dogs. In third place are flat-faced dogs such as pugs, French bulldogs, Boston terriers, and Shih Tzus for their potential for respiratory problems.

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Then the Chihuahua, which, according to her, bites a lot.

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And finally, bald dogs.

Obviously, his track record did not please everyone. A number of owners of dog breeds mentioned in the video disagreed in the comments.

“I can’t believe your doodle is your number one! I’m in shock!”

“Our doodles are the best! We love them. We often find them too good to be true. We are so lucky.”

“I was shocked by this list. I grew up with a German Shepherd Dog. He was loyal and protective.

“I have three German shepherds and I’ve never had a problem with them.”

On the other hand, others agreed with the words “vet”.

“I’ve been taking care of her for 30 years and her doodles always make me question my career choices.”

“As a former vet, I’m 100% fine with everything.”

“As a tamer, your list is the same as your list.”

But Tyrell had nothing negative to say. She also made a video naming her favorite dog breeds.

In the front row, a basset hound entered. According to her, this is the dog with the best character.

In second place, we find any mixed dog. According to her, these dogs have much fewer genetic problems than in purebred breeds.

Next up is the Golden Retriever.

“He is a good first dog, especially for families. Good temperament. Easy to teach. Easy to admire.”

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