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Very good beef! | Journalism

In English, that you have meat With someone means that there are great concerns, serious problems or a disagreement between two people.

to survivorfor example, there meat Between neglected Joel and alpha brothers JJ and Kristoff. wholesale meat Very bloody and sticky. On a daily basis, Twitter is buzzing meat Among the commenters, who are divided into 280 characters and who shower each other with insults. In short, existence meat with someone he is grudge against.

Why am I bathing here with camels and beef? To attack the excellent dramatic comedy meat From Netflix, which is currently fueling a carnivorous craze. It’s delicious and the tone of this series oscillates deftly between dark humor and light comedy.

The ten episodes are thirty minutes long meatPresented in French under the titleRelentless, gobbling up on the weekend. This is the show everyone is talking about and you really want to join in that discussion.

because meat The series is about anger and how we deal with it – or not – in the year 2023. The series takes place in the parking lot of a large Los Angeles hardware store. Amy’s (Ali Wong) bourgeois SUV is blocking Danny’s (Steven Yeun) rickety old truck. Trumpet blows, middle finger and swearing, tension builds and neither Amy nor Danny want to give up a piece meat who sits between them.

Normally, Ali and Danny’s worlds would never intertwine. Yes, they’re thirty-something Asian Americans living in Southern California, but they’re navigating two totally tight domains.

Image from IMDB

Danny (Steven Yeun) and Amy (Ali Wong), two characters who seem to have nothing in common

Amy is very rich. She established a very trendy botanical store, which she is about to sell to a Home Depot-type chain for ten million dollars. Amy lives with her artist friend (of course!) in a gorgeous architect’s house (of course!) that she designed herself (we suspected it!).

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For his part, Danny is having a hard time. A bachelor, he lives in a crappy hostel with his brother Paul, who is indifferent about his days. Danny lives construction jobs and raises money to provide a home for his parents who, after a financial meltdown, had to move back to live in South Korea.

In the parking lot where they meet, Amy and Danny, who don’t know each other’s lips or teeth, to use René Homer Roy’s favorite expression, finally come to terms with it.

Their bout of road rage is a clear manifestation of the dull rage and deep dissatisfaction that lives in them, each in their own way.

However, Amy has everything to be happy: a handsome, fulfilling, kind husband who encourages her to meditate, a wonderful little girl and a brilliant career. But Amy, who has a huge mental load, is about to explode.

Danny too. He carries the weight of a poor family on his shoulders. He works hard, but never reaps the rewards. Presto jumps.

As the series progresses, we discover the bottom layers of Amy and Danny’s personal stories, which are much more similar than we could have imagined. Where does this aggressiveness that they display towards each other come from? This is the nerve (or nerve?) of the story.

At the beginning meatDanny and Amy, who easily found the other’s residence, play harmless tricks on each other. Danny pees on Amy’s bath rug. Amy tarnishes Danny’s reputation on social media. Little Tuesday, what?

Image from IMDB

Amy (Ali Wong) and Danny (Steven Yeun), the two protagonists meat

Quickly, the pegs thicken and anger flares. Amy and Danny plot revenge to the bone, not worrying about the devastation they will wreak in their wake.

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Several interesting minor characters revolve around Amy and Danny, including an outgoing stepmother, a trouble-loving cousin, and an aggressive new CEO.

Amy and Danny’s parents, all immigrants, tell us much about the source of the bitterness and resentment that has troubled them for many years.

It’s been a long time since Netflix put out an amazing and interesting TV series like… meat, one of the great discoveries of 2023. Well written and acted. It is very specific and universal.

If this existential thriller is causing a stir, it’s also because it was produced by the very impressive company A24, which was behind trance And Irma Vape So are movies bird ladyAnd Midsmar And Everything everywhere at once.

Usually, when an A24 company affixes its stamp to production, it guarantees high quality. Like Wagyu beef, a high quality Kobe beef.

And to quote a very popular 1988 TV commercial, I love my beef cooked any way. I like. for me. beef !