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La situation est «particulièrement inquiétante pour les ressortissants italiens qui ont émigré au Royaume-Uni après la Deuxième Guerre mondiale», selon un rapport parlementaire.

Very few European retirees have applied for UK residency status

The parliamentary report said Friday that very few European retirees living in the United Kingdom have filed in time to be able to stay there after Brexit, and that thousands will be deported.

After the United Kingdom left the European Union, citizens of EU member states, but those living in British territory, had to submit their residency application by the end of June, more than 6 million of them. But according to a parliamentary report released on Friday, only 2% of those requests were submitted by people over the age of 65, which is one per cent from the share of European retirees living in the UK.

«Only 2% of applicants say they are over 65 years of age and the elderly may be overlooked or unable to file their application due to the deadlineSaid Charles Hay, chairman of the House of Lords Committee on European Affairs.

Situation “Of particular concern to Italians who emigrated to the UK after WWII2, is it mentioned in this text? Associations warned that the demand for residency status had to be made online, with a maneuver backward seniors, often unfamiliar with new technologies. These really happened “Many without cell phones, digital access and inappropriate or non-existent documents», Adds the Parliamentary Report.

Associations that help seniors present their claim have long been campaigning to drop the digital approach exclusively, and also demand that a physical paper document prove proof of residency, which is not currently the case. “Without a physical document, EU citizens living here may have difficulty obtaining a lease, for example, To souligné Charles Hay.

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Recalled that there was a British government “Welcoming the decision of the European Union to issue a physical document to all UK citizens in Europe“European Chairperson summons ministers”Explain this contradiction.